Persian Gulf of Iran: What do we cook?

Persian Gulf of Iran

Persian Gulf is an ancient Iranian name. It is called Persian Gulf because it is the host of the oldest and greatest Empire in the world (Persia/Iran). Iran is the most populous Persian Gulf country with the longest borders in the region. People in Iran cherish this region as part of their national identity. Persian Gulf is the honor of Iran`s civilization, culture and Empire. It is an ancient gift from the glory and the glitter of the Persian Empire.

Iran (Persia) in Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf is the honor of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Persian Empire of Iran (Persia) in 2500 years ago. Persian Gulf is an inevitable part of the India Ocean and reminds us the Indo-Iranian roots of the region. Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean are connected. This is an area which is rich in oil, gas and fishing industry. The name of the Persian Gulf is like the Iranian territory which can never be invaded. It is like Iran`s birth certificate.

Hormozgan Province (Persian: استان هرمزگان‎, Ostān-e Hormozgān) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the south of the country, in Iran’s Region two. Its area is 70,697 km2 and its provincial capital is Bandar Abbas. The province has fourteen islands in the Persian Gulf region and 1,000 km (620 mi) of coastline. Hormozgan Province includes 13 major cities, 69 municipalities, and 2,046 villages.

The endless beauty of Hormozgan province in the Persian Gulf of Iran

The cuisine of the Persian Gulf region is very unique in the world. Roasted fish (Mahi Bereshteh or Kebab Zoghali) is usually the main course in Hormozgan. Roasted or grilled fish (charcoal grilled fish) is one of the most popular local foods in Hormozgan including Qeshm Island. Roasted or grilled fish, is one of the most easily cooked kebabs in the Persian Gulf region.

Hormozgan province in the Persian Gulf of Iran

Persian Gulf cuisine

What people eat in Hormozgan province is exceptionally healthy and natural. There are many different Persian meals that some of them have been listed below:

Ghalieh Mahi is the main course to eat in Hormozgan province. Persian spicy fish or shrimp stew is very popular among local people in Hormozgan and other cities of southern Iran. Persian Gulf fish is a protein-rich and tasty meal that is especially served in the southern provinces due to their proximity to the Persian Gulf.

Ghalieh Mahi Recipe - Persian Spicy Fish with Herbs | EpersianFood

Ghalieh Mahi

Qeshm is one of the most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf region of Iran. Ankas or Squid is another must which should be eaten in Hormozgan province. Ankas or Squid is one of the most healthy meals that is always served in Qeshm restaurants. Ankas is the local Persian name for the word squid. Ankas is served as one of the best traditional dishes of Qeshm island.

Ankas or Squid

If you come to the Persian Gulf region of Iran, you should try Puddini Koose (Shark or Flounder). It is a very popular main course that is served in Hormozgan. Puddini Koose is also a very favorite meal in Qeshm Island. One of the fish caught by fishermen is the shark of the Persian Gulf. Delicious shark is cooked very gently and is served while it is still warm and fresh. Local people in Qeshm Island like Puddini Koose very much. Puddini Koose can be found on the island’s seafood menu. If you come to Iran, you will find cooked shark in most Persian Gulf restaurants and fast food shops.

Puddini Koose

Mango pickles appetizer is a very special desert which can be easily found in Hormozgan. The mango pickles in the south of Iran are very fresh, tasty, and even are different from other parts of Iran. Meanwhile, mango pickles are very well-known in the south of Iran because they are very organic. In Bushehr, people also prepare very tasty pickles, and if they look for mango pickles, one of the best places is Bushehr.

Mango pickles appetizer

People in the south of Iran like Dishow or Polow Shirin. Berenje Dishow or Polow Shirin (Dishow rice) is the local food of Hormozgan and Qeshm Island. Dishow means palm sap and Berenje Dishow (Polow Shirin) is one of the local dishes that needs so much attention to details while cooking, serving and decorating.

Shirin Polo Recipe (Persian sweet rice pilaf) | Whats4eats

Dishow or Polow Shirin

Tourists and local people also like Tomoshi (Tomooshi or Tomshi) dessert which is very popular in Hormozgan. Tomoshi (Tomshi) bread is one of the popular foods and desserts which can be found in the south of Iran. Such a desert is cooked on a very thin local bread with a special organic sauce. If you come to Qeshm, you will find that more than 20 types of local bread are cooked and served on a regular basis.


Many visitors and tourists like Havari, Hawarii or Hawaree in Hormozgan. Havari (Hawarii- Hawaree) (fish or Shrimp) is a very tasty and fresh meal in Hormozgan. Fishing industry is a developed and modern industry in the Persian Gulf region of Iran. Hormozgan is one of the most popular provinces in the seafood variety, especially shrimps and prawns. It is natural that most of the local foods of Hormozgan are fish-based because the proximity to the sea has caused the local people to use fish and other fresh and tasty sea-based items.


Zebon or Tahchin is another main course to eat in Hormozgan. Zebon is also a very popular dish in Qeshm Island because of its association with fried potatoes. Like most Southern dishes, fish are used in this dish. One of the main features of Qeshm foods is the aroma of organic vegetables that you can easily feel in most foods. Potatoes and fried fish make this dish very tasty.


Mahyaveh or Mahi Abe appetizer is a special dish to eat in Hormozgan. Mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Persian) is a must to eat in the south of Iran. Mahyaveh is cooked with small fish such as sardines, which are usually served as an appetizer before serving the main course. Many visitors and tourists eat Mahyaveh in Hormozgan which is really fresh and healthy.


Last words

It is the Persian Gulf of Iran and its natural beauty is endless and dazzling. There are so may other cuisines that you should eat in the south of Iran. What we cook in this region is natural, healthy and exceptionally delicious. This is because Iran (Persia) has been always the country of extraordinary meals. Our cuisine originates in our history, culture, civilization and diverse nature. If you come as a tourist to our country, visiting the south of Iran is a must. Come and enjoy the most delicious meals in the world !

A historical site, Qeshm island in the south of Iran

A natural beauty, Qeshm island in the south of Iran

A historical castle, Qeshm island in the south of Iran

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