Breaking News about Iran (Persia): 10,000 Years of Civilization Dazzle in Images

Iran (Persia) is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations which is back to at least 7000 BC. The word Iran comes from ancient Persian language and it means Land of Lord of Aryans, or Land of Aryan Aristocrats. The name Iran, or its origin in ancient Persian, has been used for at least 4000 years. It is a name that was referred to the land that included Egypt, Tajikistan and Pakistan in the east to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the west, Georgia in the northwest, Uzbekistan in northeast, Caspian sea in the north, and Persian Gulf to the south, which geographically correlates to Iran Plateau.

The first sign of human existence in Iran dates back to about a couple hundred thousand years ago. The first sign of civilization is back to Jiroft city, Elam, and Sialk in Kashan city (10,000, 6000, and 5000 B.C). However, the first centralized government in Iran shaped around 3200 B.C. in Elam civilization. The first multinational empire was Median Empire which was established in 900 B.C. It was the first intercontinental, and the largest empire that has ever governed on the planet (550 B.C).

In this news, see some words from Iran (Persia) in images.

Cyrus the Great, the founder of Persia

Cyrus the Great founded the first multi-cultural empire in the world. His empire included western Asia, central Asia and Egypt. His political views were based on democracy, equity and tolerance.

Elam civilization in Iran

The first centralized government in Iran shaped around 3200 B.C. in Elam civilization. The archeological site above is a hotspot to visit by tourists and shows a holy temple related to Elam civilization in the west of Iran.

Sialk civilization in Kashan, Iran

Sialk civilization is one of the oldest signs of humans in the world. The archeological site above is a hotspot to visit by tourists and shows one of the most ancient cities related to Sialk civilization in Kashan, Iran.

Jiroft civilization in Jiroft, Iran

The archeological piece above shows the handwriting of Jiroft civilization in the south-east of Iran. The archeological site is open to visit by tourists in the south-eat of Iran.

Cyrus the Great, the Persian king

Cyrus the Great has been portrayed in several ways. His portrait is very similar to the kings in ancient Iraq and Syria as they shared a long history together.

Western Asia and Central Asia dazzle in the Persian Empire

The photo above shows the Persian Empire in west Asia, Central Asia and Egypt.

Persian people show their dedication to Cyrus the Great in Iran

In a gathering in Shiraz, Iran, Persian people showed their dedication and commitment to the long-lasting political, cultural and historical views of Cyrus the Great.

Persian architecture

As the photo above shows Iran (Persia) dazzles in Persian architecture. This is not limited to archeological sites but also modern historical places throughout the country and the region.

The tombs of Persian kings, Shiraz, Iran

The toms of ancient Persian kings in Shiraz, Iran are among the most beautiful places to visit in Western Asia. The Persian architecture in this area is among the most ancient arts in the world.

The golden wine cup from ancient Persia

The golden wine cup belonged to Darrius II is among the most historical pieces in the world which shows how art and industry were strong in Iran (Persia).

A golden cup from ancient Persia

The golden cup from ancient Persia is among the most historical pieces in the world which shows how art and design were strong in Iran (Persia).

Persian nobles in ancient Iran (Persia)

In the photo above, a Zoroastrian man shows his dedication to the ancient Persian kings who were supporters of Zoroastrianism (the oldest monolithic religion in the world).

Persian art, Iran

Persian art both in ancient and contemporary Iran (Persia) is among the most beautiful and historical issues in the world. Such an art is rich in history and civilization.

A dazzling piece of art from ancient Persia

The photo above shows how ancient Persians used gold to make the most beautiful artifacts in the world.

A historical site in Shiraz, Iran

The Persian history is not related to Persia and the Persian empires only. Persian mosques in contemporary Iran also show how the country is rich in modern art and architecture.

An open cathedral in Isfahan, Iran

An open and active cathedral in Iran (Persia) shows how Persians show respect to other heavenly religions such as Christianity.

A historical church in Iran

They are many churches in Iran and most of them are ancient. Christianity has a long history in Iran and has been cherished by Persian people throughout the centuries.

Persian architecture in Qom, Iran

Persian art dazzles in history and is very unique by nature. The ceiling of the mosque above is among one of the best places which shows this issue.

Persian women and art in Iran

It is common to combine fashion with history and architecture in Iran (Persia). The photo above shows how a woman presents Persian fashion inside a historical mosque in Iran.

Iran (Persia) is a very safe place to visit. The beauty of Iran is endless and you can see the realities when you travel throughout the country and meet its friendly people.

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