Breaking News about Iran (Persia): Fashion for Persian Men

After decades of austerity, middle-class Persian men have developed a taste for high-end designer goods, and shopping has become the new way of life. “Exposure to international and local trends through travelling, the internet and satellite television has created a desire for top branded products. Showing off is a big part of the story. By spending large amounts of money on big Persian brands, well-off Persians like to show they’ve made it.

Café Mode, a top Persian brand presents a cool shirt for men.

Manufacturing is affordable in Iran. Therefore, many top brands are active to produce and present the best fashions for Persian men locally. Fashion is very dynamic for men in Iran and presents itself via internet, shows, movies, advertisements, magazines and chain shops.

Tarnis, a top Persian brand, presents fashion for men.

Street fashion has become popular for men in recent years. Sometimes, street fashion is mixed with national and historical symbols such as Faravahar (the Zoroastrian symbol of God), Persian kings such as Cyrus the Great, Persian poems and national and religious mottos.

A brand presents Persian poems on shirts.

In recent years, it has become common to present the sense of nationalism in fashion for men. Many brands presents the Persian symbols to hit the sale.

A brand presents Faravahar (the Persian God) for men.

Top Persian brands also present high quality accessories such as leather wallets, small suitcases and belts for men which are mixed with Persian history, art and beauty. This issue originates in the strong sense of nationalism in Iran (Persian) which is very strong especially in ne new young generation.

Persian accessories for men

In recent years, fashion has presented itself in historical land archeological sites in Iran (Persia). The concept of fashion is Western and it is far away from traditional and regional clothes but the concept of Persian art and history is gradually growing. Many people believe that being comfortable and looking modern are important in selecting the best fashion for Persian men.

A brand present a top fashion for men in a historical site in Iran (Persia).

In recent years, fashion events have emerged. Fashion events in Iran (Persia) have opted to capitalize on the interest, showcasing a range of stylish and fully-covered outfits focused on the best designs. It is a local and luxurious business which is based on top Persian models and designers.

Street fashion mixed with sports news in Iran (Persia)

Persian fashion designers are also making a worldwide impact. Iran`s new generation of fashion designers have received attention on an international level, including Tehran-born Mahshid Mahdian, winner of this year’s iD Dunedin International Emerging Designer Award.

The Tehran Times presents fashion for men in Iran.

Fashion industry is a multi-million industry in Iran (Persia) and is based on local designers, tailors and producers. Iran with 84 million citizens is a profitable and luxurious market for many local and international brands. Nonetheless local brands with affordable prices and top quality design and materials have a more competitive market than international brands.

A brand presents street fashion for men

Iran (Persia) has a new and modern generation. Such a generation looks for diversity, modernization, comfort and beauty in fashion. It is an emerging market with a good future if more cultural and financial support is provided by both government and local buyers.

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