Breaking News about Iran (Persia): Sirvan Khosravi, a superstar or a phenomenon ?

Early Life

In recent year, Iran (Persia) has seen the birth of a superstar. A pop singer has come to the stage whose high quality songs and music are unforgettable.

Sirvan Khosravi (Persian: سیروان خسروی‎; born 26 July 1982) is a top Persian signer, model, songwriter, and music producer. Sirvan Khosravi was born in a Kurdish family in Tehran, Iran.

Sirvan started learning the keyboard when he was elven years old. At age of sixteen, he took music lessons with Kaveh Yaghmaei who is also a top pop singer.

Sirvan Khosravi, a superstar who shines.


Kaveh Yaghmaei was a reliable starting point for Sirvan to go ahead in his career professionally. Sirvan has produced high quality music for a number of top Persian singers and film producers since 2001. Before releasing his first album in 2001, Sirvan participated in the works of other Persian musicians for music production and arrangement. His genres are pop rock, rock and electropop. He plays vocals, piano, keyboard, and guitar. Sirvan became well-known in 2005 after releasing his first album (You think if you leave).

Sirvan (the last one on the right) and Kaveh Yaghmaei (the second one on the left)

Sirvan started to produce his second top music album (nine o’clock) and released it in 2009. He performed his first concert in 2009. In 2012, he was nationally recognized by performing a top song related to “Doctors’ building” show.

His record-breaking albums titled “nine o’clock”, “today, I want to tell you”, “life is just today”, and “I’m feeling blue” were a real success. Following that, he started working on his next album (the road of dreams) which was also a record-breaking success.

Sirvan Khosravi and the 9 o`clock music

Sirvan Khosravi and the road of dreams

Sirvan became a national celebrity after releasing some “highly energetic” songs. Following that, he started his music tour around Iran. Soon he became the center of mass media and the audience’s attention on a large scale. Sirvan has continued his live concerts in major cities of Iran and his fans have responded very well.

He also recorded a high energy World Cup single titled “70 Million Stars”. His top album (Unplugged) was nationally admired in 2016. Unplugged was filmed in the famous Azadi Tower in 2015. Unplugged included his live performances and some behind the scenes from his music videos. His high quality song (Don`t leave me alone) reached number five on Spotify’s Hong Kong Top fifty chart on May 24, 2020.

His songs on YouTube have attracted thousands of fans from around the world. His Instagram homepage has more than two million followers. His Facebook page is full of positive comments from a large number of countries and Sirvanʼs website ( never stands still.

Sirvanʼs Monologue concert

Now his monologue concert has introduced a new chapter in pop music to Iran (Persia). Monologue is the pop music of Western Asia and Central Asia (Parisa). It is the modern presentation of our young generation to the world. His live performance in Monologue concert is full of the feeling of freshness, freedom, novelty and modern talking in this part of the world. It is like that Sirvan has got the idea, passed limitations and said something brilliant. This is because Sirvan belongs to the new Persian generation who understands the modern world very well.

The Monologue concert in Tehran, Iran, 2020

His Monologue concert is unique in our region as many viewers have told: “Sirvan is in a higher rank compared to other singers in Iran”.

In the time of the pandemic (Covid-19), when many people lost their jobs and were isolated in their homes, Sirvan went to the highest point of Tehran and presented his show (Monologue). This is a very unique part of his work. While people were hopeless and jobless, Sirvan made a new record in selling the expensive tickets of his Monologue concert. Obviously the tickets of his Monologue concert were sold in less than 90 minutes in 2020. This is a lesson for us to realize that limitations can never stop determined and talented people like Sirvan and his music group.

Why so successful?

His success in the world of music originates in the fact that he produces top music and sings at the same time. A professional team of musicians especially guitarists accompany him in his live performances. Light flashing is part of his live performances and high quality sounds accompany colorful lights.

Sirvanʼs music group has also his brother (Xaniar Khosravi) who has contributed to his success for a long time. His live performances on the stage are attractive and full of energy and brings thousands of fans together. Obviously Sirvanʼs songs are based on novelty and he never presents low quality music and songs.

Sirvan is dedicated to his work and his love to music comes from his childhood. It is an innate talent in him and also a gift from God for Iran (Persia). Sirvan is a precious gemstone for all of us to present Persia to the world. A timeless song like Monologue is an ideal beginning for people in Western Asia and Central Asia to know each other.

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