Breaking News: Affordable Medical Tourism in Iran (Persia)

Medical Tourism is one of the most growing businesses in Iran (Persia). Iran is known as one of the most affordable and modern destinations for medical and cosmetic treatments and surgeries in the world. But besides its affordable prices, Persian medical tours contain the best certified doctors and medical services in the world. In addition, the high rate of safety, the presence of the most hospitable people in the world and the most unique tourist hotspots are additional points.

Kach Solo Travels in 2019: Good morning from SHIRAZ, IRAN!

Iran (Persia), a safe and modern hotspot to visit !

International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) has reported that Iran is now on par with top countries in the region for inbound medical travel. Medical tourism made an economic contribution of US$1.2 billion to the country in the Persian calendar year (March 2017-March 2018), according to data compiled by the medical tourism department at the Ministry of Health.

The Iran Health Tourism Promotion Association reported a record high of 600,000 health tourists visited Iran during the first four months of the Persian year (March 21-July 21 2019). This figure includes visits to spas and health centers. In the last full year, US$1.2 billion of revenue was generated through health tourism. This shows a 20-30% increase during the first four months of this year. The main reason for the increase is the affordability of such travels.  

Health and medical tourists are mostly from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, as well as Persian citizens residing in Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries in Western Europe.

Health-tourism companies from more than 30 countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France, China, Canada, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania and Uzbekistan are supposed to collaborate with Iran.

Iran Medical tourism, with top services and affordable prices

Iran has a long history in the field of medical science. Skilled Persian doctors have been famous worldwide since the past, and their theories and achievements are taught in prestigious universities around the world.

SSO Specialty Hospitals | Financial Tribune

Milad Hospital, Tehran, Iran

Iran medical tourism reviews show that many people prefer Iran for their medical treatments. As a medical health tourism destination, Iran has many advantages rather than other countries that make it the first option for top medical services in the region. In 2016, Bloomberg News ranked Iran 30th most efficient healthcare system ahead of the United States of America and Brazil.

Photo Gallery of Alzahra Hospital | Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Alzahra Hospital, Isfahan, Iran

One of the active Persian groups in this field which can connect patients to medical services is AriaMedTour. It is a medical tourism facilitator based in Iran offering high-quality and affordable healthcare and travel services. In line with its mission to provide medical and cosmetic treatments to foreigners, AriaMedTour collaborates with the most prestigious hospitals, clinics, specialists and medical doctors in Iran. You can visit their website at:

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) (Shiraz, Iran) - apply,  prices, reviews | Smapse

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran

In recent years, other prestigious medical groups inside Iran have joined this trend with providing information and services to international visitors. Dr Sara Medical Tourism was launched by Dr Sara Aryaee and Sina Naeiji as a medical guide for international visitors to Iran. Their activities cover all information and medical services needed by international visitors in many major cities of Iran such as Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, and Isfahan.

Dr Sara Aryaee, a top advisor

In connection with the medical sector and top hospitals, some medical and cosmetics services that they provide are as follows: dental services, plastic surgery, weight loss, Hair transplant, laser treatment for hair removal, eye surgery, fertility treatments, cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgeries, cancer treatment, penile surgery, and health checkups

Sina Naeiji

You can contact “drsara-medtour” via Website:, Gmail:, Linkedin:, Facebook: and Instagram:  @drsaramedicaltourism :

If you check the safety map in 2019, Iran was as safe as Western Europe, with a Low-Risk designation. For an idea of how fellow travelers found Iran, see the Thorn Tree ( Come and use the most affordable and high quality medical services in the world.

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