Breaking News: The life of a Persian woman in Iran

The life of a Persian woman can be easily understood in images. Women in Iran (Persia) are bold, educated and socially and politically active. Iran (Persia) has always been the host of the most powerful women in history. Women are the center of family and the status of mothers is strong. Images can say better about Persian women in the past and modern Iran (Persia).

A typical Persian woman in a classic painting

Royal Persian women, 2500 years ago

The Persian king and Queen, 2500 years ago

Persian women in wars

The portrait of a royal Persian woman

The golden symbol of Persian women

Persian women in music

The royal Persian family

Persian women and fashion

A Persian woman in a holy place

Maryam Mirzakhani, a genius Persian mathematician

Persian women in medicine

Minoo Karimi, a Persian actress

Persian women and music

Persian women and sports

Persian women and fashion

Persian women and cooking

Persian women and magazines

Persian women and cinema

Persian women and law

Persian women and social freedom

Persian women as the majority of university students

Anoosheh Ansari, a Persian woman, the first female tourist in space

Persian women and voting in a presidential election in Iran

Persian women and technology

It is a free society full of brave and educated women. They work as much as men to make a better future for Iran (Persia).

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