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Who Are We?

It was an essential need for us to present ourselves and do not leave it to others who publish false news about us. Therefore, Persian Gulf News of Iran ( was launched on Friday, 27 November, 2020. An anonymous group of Persian scholars collaborated inside and outside Iran. This news agency aims to present real news especially cultural and social news about Persia.

The aim of this news agency is to let the world have an actual understanding of Persia. Therefore, the news broadcasting is broad and includes many countries in the region. The map of the Persian Empire is on the home page of the website which presents the region that we cover their news. Most of the news are novel and have not been broadcast by global news agencies. Our policy is based on releasing a series of news in pictures and photos. We do our best to publish news in plain English and present photo galleries with beautiful, provoking images on latest news stories.

The logo of the Persian Gulf News of Iran is a prestigious representation of the ancient roots of Iran in Western Asia and Central Asia. It was selected by the founders in 2019. The logo is the ancient symbol of God (i.e. Faravahar) in the region which is also one of the oldest divine symbols in the world.

The word Persian Gulf (i.e. Pars Sea or Persian Sea in ancient maps) was selected in 2019 by a group of female scholars. It is the symbol of Persian Empire and its ancient roots in the region.

Our news agency is private with no governmental support. It is owned by a cultural network with an aim to help the world to know about the realities of the region.

It includes news in the English language. It is a new cultural movement for public benefit. By securing its funding and support through founders and directors, we seek to maintain our independent editorial policy. This news agency receives no funding from the politicians of Iran or any other country. It maintains its equal objectivity in reporting the news in the region. 

We present a more modern face than current regional news. We actually feature little negative political news. It is the first such news agency in Western Asia and Central Asia. It is a new idea of reviving and maintaining the ancient roots of the region as an outstanding civilization.

The power of this news agency is in the hands of its founders and directors who are independent. Obviously, the founders decided to establish Persian Gulf News of Iran when they realized how the information of western news agencies is small about this region.

While other international news agencies avoid reporting the positive news of Western Asian and Central Asia, Persian Gulf News of Iran has pitched as an impartial news source for reporting the least-reported issues relating to Western Asia and Central Asia.