Iran (Persia) in images: an outstanding civilization

Iran (Persia) is an attractive and safe place for tourism and multiple travels. It is the oldest country in the world. It is a modern and educated country that is as safe as Western Europe for tourists. Iran is like Italy, Greece and Egypt with long-lasting ancient relationships with them. Persian people are very friendly and care about tourists. The Persian cuisine, art, and architecture are really unique. In this news, we ask images to talk about Iran and its endless beauty.

Persian Empire | National Geographic Society

Persian Empire (Persia)

The Persian nobles have been portrayed in the photo above. The photo shows a national celebration in Persia which has been cherished by kings and rich people from around Western Asia and Central Asia.

Persian Empire Tombs of Naqsh-e Rustam, Marvdascht, Fars, Iran, Asia

Rulers of the Persian Empire: Expansionism of Cyrus and Darius

Shiraz city, Iran is a must to visit for every tourist. Shiraz is the place the many archeological sites related to the Persian empire can be visited.

Persian Art: Relief Painting | skilldeer

Persian art: relief painting

Persian art is one of the most complicated and advanced types of art in the world. In the photo above, Persian relief painting has been presented which is used for covering important books such as holy books and epic books.

Masterpieces of Persian Painting. شاهکارهای نگارگری ایران 9789649677002 for  sale online

A masterpiece of Persian Painting

The photo above shows a part of the epic book of Ferdowsi (Shahnameh or the book of Persian kings). Such a book has been always an essential element of Persian heritage, history and the language.

4,915 Persian Rug Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

The Persian carpet

For the first time in history, hand-made carpets were produced in Iran (Persia). It is a very important and modern industry in contemporary Iran. Every house in Iran is covered with a number of Persian carpets and it is a must for each Persian family.

The fair Persian by William Clarke Wontner

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Hijab in contemporary Iran

Bazaar of Kashan - Wikipedia

Persian bazar in Kashan, Iran

Dairoush, a Persian Palace | Persian palace, Ancient persian, Persian empire

Darioush, a Persian palace

Kish Island - Wikipedia

Kish Island, Persian Gulf of Iran

Hormuz Island, Qeshm Island - 3 days Private Tour Package | Nature, Museum  and Sightseeing | tourHQ
Qeshm Island, South of Iran
13 Nights / 14 Days Christian Churches in Iran

An open church in Iran; their religion is officially approved.

کنیسه عزرا یعقوب، تهران، ایران

Our Jews in Iran; their religion is officially approved.

Persian cuisine consists of modern and traditional cooking methods.The

The unique Persian cuisine

Iran traditional clothing - Persian clothing style - irantourism

Our Persian traditional clothes

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