Map of Indian Ocean and Persian Sea

As an inevitable part of the Indian Ocean, Persian Sea (Persian Gulf + Gulf of Oman) is the reality of the history. It has no other names, and it characterizes the Indo-European, Indo-Iranian and Aryan race of the region which constitute the majority of the past and present population. The main population groups of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia constitute Indo-European, Indo-Iranian and those people who share Aryan race such as Iran, India, and Pakistan etc. Such nations are among the most populated countries in the world. One of the most populated countries in this region is Iran which has more than 13000 years of civilization and history in the region and speaks Persian.

Persian Sea is a vast sea which has demonstrated the encroachment of the Indian Ocean waters. The Persian Sea has been a valuable waterway since the beginning of history and as the venue of the collision of great civilizations of the ancient east, it has a background of several millenniums. Since centuries ago, the Ilamites used the Port of Boushehr and the Kharg Island in Iran for dwelling, shipping and ruling over the coasts of the Persian Sea as well as transaction with the West Indies and the Nile Valley. This area has a long history. For example, in the Latin American geography books the Persian Sea has been referred to as More Persicum or the Sea of Pars.

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