Map of Perian Gulf and Persian Sea in Indian Ocean

The real name of Persian Gulf is Persian Sea. It is not a Gulf. It is more than a simple Gulf. As an inevitable part of the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Persian Sea are the realities of the history. They have no other names, and they characterize the Indo-European, Indo-Iranian and Aryan race of the region which constitute the majority of the past and present population. The main population groups of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia constitute Indo-European, Indo-Iranian and those people who share Aryan race. The current photo shows the maps of the Persian Empires (Persia) and the realities of the Persian Gulf and Persian Sea for 2500 years ago. Other names have been created by British colonists to prevent any unity among nations of the region as part of colonization of the Middle East.

Map of Persian Gulf and Persian Sea in Indian Ocean

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