Persian Gulf News of Iran: IRAN – Unique Persian Handicrafts

Visit Iran (Persia) and see the most beautiful handicrafts in the world. With more than 13000 years of civilization, Iran has a very long and outstanding history in producing high quality handicrafts. Cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Kermanshah and Mashhad are among the best handcraft producers in the world. Persian handicrafts are luxury and include a variety of different arts including Miniature Detailed Painting (Miniator) Enamel Painting on Copper (Minakari) Metal Engraving (Ghalamzani) Wood & Copper Marquetry (Khatamkari) Turquoise Stone Inlaying (Firoozeh Koob) Tapestry Handprinted Textile (Ghalamkar) Termeh Quilted Textile Accessories.

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