Persian Gulf News of Iran: Luxury Tehran, Iran (Persia)

Like our Persian Gulf and Persian Sea, Tehran is a beautiful and modern part of Iran (Persia) and situated at the foothill of Alborz Mountains. The luxury city has got relatively fair temperature creating an enjoyable place to travel around and see many beautiful sights, palaces, luxury shopping centers, restaurants and unique museums. The weather in the Tehran is slightly warm, as it is about 1200m directly above sea level. The city has a home of rich civilizations and historical sites. If you are planning to travel to the city, then here are the best attractions that you may get attractive.

Azadi Tower

This is a superb tower that was constructed in 1971 and is the sign of Tehran. The tower was constructed to honor the Persian Empire’s 2500 anniversary. It was called the Tower of Kings when it was initially established but was thereafter recalled Azadi which resulting the Iranian revolution. The Azadi Tower is completely enclosed with marble chunks and is about 50 m in height.

Carpet Museum

If you delight the idea of an enchanted carpet trip, then you might adore the Carpet Museum of Iran. This tourist place is located nearby to Laleh Park. It has two arcades that include a range of Persian carpets stating from as far back as the old Age to the current day. Aside from carpets, the place also shows carpet designs and kilims. The museum is available to see from 9am to 5 pm all with the exclusion of Mondays and spiritual holidays.

Golestan Palace

Established during 1524 – 1576, this wealthy construction is one of the ancient structures in Tehran. It is the previous home-based on Qajar family who is accredited for creating Tehran the capital city. The fortress includes ornaments that depict as far old as the 19th century. There are 8 palaces, music halls and museums situated in the Golestan Palace compound.

National Museum of Iran

The museum is over 70 years old. It includes 550,000 artifacts representing the prehistorical days to the Islamic age. It covers 20,000 SQ/m of the area, creating it the biggest museum in Iran. The museum is a blend of two museums- the oldest one and the present one. Tehran is an impressive history and culture. The above written places are just a few attractions you can go that are guaranteed to leave you in wonder. With lots of beautiful natural wonders and historical treasures, Tehran has no dearth to allure its travelers. If you are thinking about this place for your next vacation, then must add above listed places to visit. Even seeing its people and observing their culture can also be your favorite pass time as it has unmatched civilization that dates backs of Persian history.

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