Persian Gulf News of Iran: Persian Women and Street Fashion

Street Persian fashion is stylish and common for many women in Iran (Persia). Nowadays, street fashion is one of the largest industries in Iran. Many people spend a considerable part of their income on fashionable clothes and accessories. Fashion has also become a way to demonstrate uniqueness among young women in Iran. Therefore, many young girls and boys around the country are constantly looking for new styles and are trying to develop their own sense of fashion. Many of the young adults in Iran value fashion just as much as people their age in other countries and have managed to have unique and creative styles. They like to wear colorful clothes and clothes that have different patterns or perhaps a logo of something they like. In some major cities such as Tehran, seeing boys wearing a t-shirt with the logo of their favorite band or girls wearing colorful scarves and Manteus is common. Moreover, many girls prefer to wear more daring alterations of the typical Manteus that have become popular over the years. For instance, button-less and semi-transparent Manteus, hoodies, and slightly oversized men’s shirts have replaced the normal Manteus in many girls’ street styles in recent years.

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